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Radiance Wellness provides integrative healthcare for families and individuals looking for a holistic approach to care. We create balance from within through acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition, helping you to live vibrantly and radiantly. Health is our natural state of being. Let’s work together to support you on your healing journey and return to your natural state. Learn more about Radiance Wellness


Corinne brings a very special practice to the table. I’ve been receiving acupuncture for over a decade, I’ve been in the hands of several practitioners, and my experience with Corinne stands paramount. Her pre-treatment inquiry is most thorough, and the range within her modality is vast. Not only an expert with the needles, she incorporated essential oils, tuning forks, massage and Chinese herbs seamlessly into her work. While I know long-term healing will require consistent treatments over time for my chronic health challenges, I was amazed at the relief I felt just 20 minutes after our first session.

W.L. March 6, 2017

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